1685 Nanaimo Street
Vancouver, BC  V5L 4T9
11am-6pm Wednesday-Sunday
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Big Bro’s Barbershop offers four unique services to Vancouver’s transgender community:

  1. Historically, transgender clients – or cisgender clients requesting hair styles deemed “inappropriate” for their gender – are refused service within gender-segregated industries. Rather than staying within the rigid understanding of a barbershop’s inherent masculinity, the hair and beauty services at Big Bro’s Barbershop are performed however the client requests, regardless of their perceived gender.
  2. Big Bro’s Barbershop retails gender affirmation products that are specifically created for transgender customers, such as chest binders, packers, bra extenders, and gaff underwear. These products are rarely available in stores, and customers must have a credit card and an accurate understanding of each brand’s sizing strategies in order to access these products online.
  3. Transgender populations are systemically underemployed, and often unable to spend money on grooming services. Big Bro’s Barbershop aims to balance its community’s economy by offering sliding scale rates, where financially stable supporters may pay more to allow low-income customers to pay less. The structure of the barbershop’s services and products is also no accident: haircuts are applicable to most kinds of people, including those with spare cash; the more haircuts are sold, the lower the pricing on gender affirmation products can be.
  4. Not everything comes at a price – Big Bro’s Barbershop offers many free resources, including donated clothing, hormone injection supplies, safer sex supplies, menstrual pads, community connections, and more!

Big Bro’s Barbershop opened its doors on September 1st, 2015. To read press coverage of Big Bro’s Barbershop, please see the Press portion of Jessie’s CV.


“I’ve been going to Jessie for a couple of months now, and I walk away absolutely loving my hair every time. After a couple of appointments with him, he also started making suggestions on techniques or different styles I might like to try for next time, and he’s never steered me wrong.
He’s excellent to talk to, making my cuts go quickly with conversation on music, the queer and trans community, business, the city, and anecdotes. And to top it all off, his scale pricing his super affordable and way cheaper than my last stylist.
Now go support a local business!”

“Absolutely awesome. Loved the haircut, the chat with Jessie, and the general ambience of the place. Highly recommended.”

“Stopped in the day before the Trans March this year for my first haircut in almost two years. Jessie the owner/operator was kind, gentle and patient and did a great job with my hair. The sliding scale prices really help me as a disabled person who doesn’t have a lot of money. Will definitely be stopping again.”

“Was super impressed with the shop and Jessie. He did exactly what I requested and had a fabulous chat about supplies and resources that the shop offered. Definitely has a customer for life.
Prices are fair with a sliding scale for affordability purposes.”

“While specializing in the transgender community (and providing information, resources, and products to that community as well) all are welcome and this is an all-ages space! Its an incredible resource to have in our city and check them out!”

“Jessie saved my hair before I went on my vacation! I’ve never felt so happy with a short haircut before and as a transguy myself I’m so glad a place like this exists. Coolest barbershop ever with great service.”

“I came by at the end of last year (at the old location) and it was the best haircut experience I’ve ever had. Jessie did an awesome job, and I felt really welcome in the space. After having gotten some pushback from stylists in the past about what I wanted to do with my hair (as a queer and gender nonconforming woman), it was really nice to feel so affirmed and respected at Big Bro’s. I’ll definitely be back.”

Jessie gave me the best haircut I’ve ever had. I have a style now! It’s also a lovely community space with sliding scale prices. The warm fuzzy feeling of helping make Vancouver more awesome comes at no additional charge”

I got my first binder here. jessie really helped me figure out what i needed. It really was such a great experience.”

“Stopped by on a compassionate haircut day and it was a great experience. Had been feeling low as it’s been hard times but I enjoyed some good conversation and came out with a wonderful haircut. A lot of care and attention went into it and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments for it since so I felt pretty good. Thanks!! 🙂 It’s a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere and the clothing swap is a wonderful idea.”

“Amazing staff, and environment. Haven’t had a cut that looked so good since I moved to Vancouver.”

Just found out about this place as I moved a few doors down the street a month ago. Really good barber shop, extremely fair (and adjustable) price. You gotta check this place out. I walked in not too confident about my hair and the dude who cut my hair helped me out majorly and gave me some pointers on how to style as well. I walked out with a great cut. I will be coming back.”

“Very cute shop with considerate sliding scale prices, very friendly and welcoming and definitely my go to spot for getting my hair cut now. Love the other trans gear they sell as well, such as binders. Also appreciate the clothes swap! Overall a great environment. Oh and my hair came out perfect!”

“Best haircut I’ve ever had! Looks great a month later, and the conversation during the haircut was by far the most interesting one I’ve had with a hair dresser. I’m really looking forward to coming again and seeing where this business goes in the next couple of years. Gosh/10.”

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