Happy Mother’s Day from Big Bro’s Barbershop!

In honour of the late mother of Big Bro’s Barbershop owner Jessie Anderson, Lalanya Blue McGraw (known by friends as simply “Blue”), 40% of profit and 100% of donations received by our shop on Sunday, May 14th will be donated to the The BC Compassion Club Society.

Blue credited access to both cannabis products and holistic care through the BCCCS for greatly improving the quality of the last few years of her life, and would still be a visible spokesperson on the Society’s behalf to this day if provided the opportunity.

Blue passed away on June 22, 2012, at the age of 41. We would like to honor Blue’s life this Mother’s Day by continuing her activism in her absence.

Thanks to Karen Chapman for producing this BCCCS promotional video featuring Blue in all her glory!

The Color of Compassion from Smallaxx on Vimeo.

BIG TALK: Behind the Big Bro with Jessie Anderson


Big Talk is our long-form interview about Stuff That Matters. We interview rad people who are also passionate experts in their field. We can often get lost in the little details of day to day life and the intention of Big Talk is to get you thinking about the bigger picture, while perhaps learning something new. 

Our Big Talker this week is Jessie Anderson, owner of Big Bro’s Barbershop. Earlier this month, Pride took over for a weekend in Vancouver (and in many cities around the country). We thought it would be a fitting time to chat with Jessie about Pride, growing up Trans, and the story behind Big Bro’s. 

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TELUS: Big Bro’s Barbershop is more than a business; it’s a safe place to gather.


“Big Bro’s Barbershop started from Jessie Anderson’s dream to put his hairstyling skills to good use, and to provide a safe place for the local transgender community to gather. With little more than his barber’s chair and an industrial art space, Vancouver’s Big Bro’s Barbershop opened its doors in September 2015, and today Jessie’s business is flourishing. In less than a year the business has grown so quickly that they have moved to a new location, and won the Small Business BC’s Best Emerging Entrepreneur award. We recently caught up with Jessie to chat about life as a new business owner, and how businesses can better embrace the transgender community, and create a safe and welcoming space for all of their customers.”

Read the full article on TELUS for more information about Big Bro’s Barbershop, and for Jessie’s advice on how business owners can make their spaces more trans-inclusive.

How Big Bro’s Barbershop creates trans-friendly space in its salon


For Anderson, Big Bro’s is more than a place where people can make aesthetic changes to express their true selves; it’s a visible representation of trans people in a wider community, and a safe space where too few exist.

He still wishes he’d had more role models when he was coming out.

“Coming out felt like a really tragic thing — at the time the only trans guy I knew about was Brandon Teena from Boys Don’t Cry. I 100 percent thought that was what I was signing myself up for. Not a question in my mind, I put a whistle on my keys . . . It wasn’t a question of if I would get raped or murdered, it was when,” he says.

“It took my own life experience of surviving that made it fine,” he says, “but the idea of having a space where I could see other trans people in the flesh — it would’ve been so beneficial.”

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PFE! Scenes Re-Uploaded

Though the official Porn For Everyone! website remains defunct, all PFE! scenes have been re-uploaded by popular demand!

More about Porn For Everyone!

All three original PFE! scenes have been posted with their behind-the-scenes videos, along with Dirty Words, a scene shot in 2013 that has remained incomplete and offline until now.

Screen shot 2012-11-10 at 1.09.41 AMCUPCAKES, featuring Danny Magnum & Montgomery
Full Video [18+ link] Pin #12233 to unlock
Behind-The-Scenes [18+ link] Pin #98913 to unlock

Screen shot 2012-04-24 at 2.08.36 AMFEMMEFUCK, featuring Courtney Trouble & Arabelle Raphael
Full Video [18+ link]
Behind-The-Scenes [18+ link]

Screen shot 2012-04-24 at 1.40.50 AM(TRANS)MEN’S ROOM, featuring James Darling & Charlie Spats
Full Video [18+ link]
Behind-The-Scenes [18+ link]

still4aDIRTY WORDS, featuring Rowan Broadway & Tobi Hill-Meyer
Full Video [18+ link]
Behind-The-Scenes [18+ link]

All videos are available on Xtube for free streaming. If you would like to pay for your content, please use the Donate PayPal button below. Donations will go toward Jessie’s current project, Big Bro’s Barbershop.
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Big Bro’s Barbershop Wins Small Business BC Award: Best Emerging Entrepreneur 2016

images courtesy of Small Business BC and @ChelseyRoy respectively (click images to enlarge)

Big Bro’s Barbershop was announced as the winner of the Best Emerging Entrepreneur 2016 awards at the 13th Annual Small Business BC Awards on February 25th.

“The celebration of BC business has never been more competitive with a record-breaking 535 nominations from across the province and a handpicked selection of Top 10 Semi-Finalists and Top 5 Finalists.

Recipients of Small Business BC Awards were recognized with the Premier’s Prize in the amount of $1,500 cash. The winners were also offered a one-year All-Access pass to Small Business BC education resources and experts, and one-on-one business mentorship opportunities with notable advisors from award sponsors.”

click here for the full list of SBBC Awards winners

Finalists went through a series of elimination rounds in order to make it to the finalists presented at the awards ceremony.

  • October 1 – November 30: Businesses are nominated to Small Business BC by a member of the community or a representative of the business. The business is assigned to its relevant award categories, and voting is open to the public for the duration of this period. After November 30th, the Top 10 for each category are determined by popular vote.
  • December 11 – January 8: Finalists must complete a written application providing the details of their business and addressing why their business should be considered for their particular category. The judges determine the Top 5 finalists from these applications.
  • February 9 – February 15: Finalists meet the judges at the Small Business BC office downtown, and present a 10 minute pitch followed by a 30 minute Q&A period.
  • February 25: The awards ceremony takes place, and winners are announced.

In the 13 years of the Annual Small Business BC Awards, Jessie Anderson is their first openly transgender finalist and winner. In his acceptance speech, Anderson acknowledged the increased awareness of the trans community in mainstream media, and credited Janine Fuller and the late Jim Deva for his employment experience at Little Sister’s Book & Art Emporium:
“…[They] gave me a real inside perspective on what it means to manage a queer-focused business that doesn’t just focus on profit, but is also focused on holding community space.”

Watch the video below to learn more about all five Best Emerging Entrepreneur finalists:

Mic.com: “This Transgender Barbershop Is Redefining What a Salon Can Be”


“Anderson, a 25-year-old transgender man, conceived of the barbershop as a safe space for transgender and queer-identifying people that provides services but also empowers them to work and profit. By building it on his own, a single barbershop is reflecting the complex tangle of needs and challenges faced by trans individuals — and providing solutions.”

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