Happy Mother’s Day from Big Bro’s Barbershop!

In honour of the late mother of Big Bro’s Barbershop owner Jessie Anderson, Lalanya Blue McGraw (known by friends as simply “Blue”), 40% of profit and 100% of donations received by our shop on Sunday, May 14th will be donated to the The BC Compassion Club Society.

Blue credited access to both cannabis products and holistic care through the BCCCS for greatly improving the quality of the last few years of her life, and would still be a visible spokesperson on the Society’s behalf to this day if provided the opportunity.

Blue passed away on June 22, 2012, at the age of 41. We would like to honor Blue’s life this Mother’s Day by continuing her activism in her absence.

Thanks to Karen Chapman for producing this BCCCS promotional video featuring Blue in all her glory!

The Color of Compassion from Smallaxx on Vimeo.