TELUS: Big Bro’s Barbershop is more than a business; it’s a safe place to gather.


“Big Bro’s Barbershop started from Jessie Anderson’s dream to put his hairstyling skills to good use, and to provide a safe place for the local transgender community to gather. With little more than his barber’s chair and an industrial art space, Vancouver’s Big Bro’s Barbershop opened its doors in September 2015, and today Jessie’s business is flourishing. In less than a year the business has grown so quickly that they have moved to a new location, and won the Small Business BC’s Best Emerging Entrepreneur award. We recently caught up with Jessie to chat about life as a new business owner, and how businesses can better embrace the transgender community, and create a safe and welcoming space for all of their customers.”

Read the full article on TELUS for more information about Big Bro’s Barbershop, and for Jessie’s advice on how business owners can make their spaces more trans-inclusive.